Lawsuit Against Pfizer Accuses Drugmaker Of Consumer Fraud

Pfizer Inc., the manufacturer of Zoloft is being sued alleging the antidepressant has no more benefit than a placebo

Pfizer  describes the lawsuit as “frivolous” telling Associated Press that  clinical studies and the experience of millions of patients and their  doctors over two decades prove Zoloft is effective.

Zoloft was  approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in 1991, and was  deemed safe after 20 clinical studies were reviewed involving more than  5,000 patients.

However, Laura A. Plumlee claims to have taken  Zoloft for three years with little or no benefit.  Plumlee is accusing  Pfizer of consumer fraud among other offenses, including paying  prominent doctors to promote Zoloft to colleagues or to be listed as  authors of positive medical journal articles the company prepared for  publication.

“Pfizer believes the lawsuit filed in California is  groundless and is based largely on information that has been widely  criticized by many experts in the mental health field.”  Associated  Press.

Dr. Jeffrey Lieberman, president-elect of the American  Psychiatric Association said, the lawsuit’s claims are “ridiculous” and  without merit.  “As a class, antidepressant medications are highly  effective.  They alleviate substantial amounts, if not complete  symptoms, in 50 to as high as 80% of patients treated who suffer from  major depression.”

Dr. Norman Sussman, a NY  University psychiatry professor said there’s only about 35%  chance an antidepressant will help.

The lawsuit opens debate as to just how effective and safe antidepressants are, including Zoloft, Prozac, and Paxil.

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